Dear Sirs and Madams,

We are pleased to inform you that from October 1, 2020, Pro-Inox Sp. z o.o. opened a production plant in Marcinków near Olsztyn and started independent projects in the field of production of acid-resistant steel equipment.

The foundation of the company are professionals with many years of experience in the industry both in the design, selection of technology, production and sale of such devices.

The priority for us is technical and professional service of all clients.

Our goal is to please our customers with our services and equipment provided.

Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

About the company

The plant has a production facility with a total area of about 2000m2, it is equipped with a professional machine park, enabling the production of equipment from scratch.

Our products are primarily tank-type devices with various capacities and structures in accordance with the customer's requirements, as well as steel structures, platforms, footboards and other devices made of acid-resistant steel.

Our design and computing software:
1. 3D designing, creating technical documentation - Autodesk Inventor Professional
2. MES analysis and calculations - Autodesk Inventor Nastran
3. Pressure calculations according to: AD-2000 Merkblatt; EN 13445; WUDT-UC - DIMy

Each project is implemented under the strict control of professionals with many years of experience, both in the field of design, technology and technical consulting.